1. I watched it months ago and I feel in love with your talent! You're such a great ballerina and Wayne is one of the greatest guitarrists ever! You make a lovely and perfect couple *-* Love from Italy/Brazil xx

  2. Helloooo!

    You don't know me but Im a photography student from the Netherlands, and I saw a tweet from the imagine dragons' twitter account with a photo and your name, and i just got a little curious.

    And now i just wanted to say that its really cool to see how much your photography has improved. I love that every photo has this certain ambiance in it. And I really hope you'll keep photographing and writing. Because I really enjoy it. Plus, it must be kinda cool to read this back when your old and shrunken. (:

    I was at the show yesterday, it was AMAZING!

    And if you want to go somewhere cool, there's a photography museum called 'FOAM' in Amsterdam.

    Love from the Netherlands (: