Sunday, October 2, 2016

River is the coolest. He is curious and sweet. He is tart and sassy. 
He loves to laugh, read books, dig in the dirt, curl up on the stairs, somersault, run through the neighborhood, ride in the carseat and most importantly, play with his cars. 
He counts to 11, well, 20 if you say 12, 16 and 17 for him. 
He knows his colors and talks about things according to their color almost obsessively.
 He can be whiny when he doesn't quite know what he wants. 
He adores his family, those close to him and strangers for that matter.  
He recites the lyrics from his lullaby, Moon River but only when he accompanies it with bashful giggles. 
I believe he is on the cusp of throwing some tantrums. He has started fake crying but can't quite manage the real deal tears. Not quite sure how we will all fare once that stage begins. I guess with all the positives of this stage we will have to take some hits. I will remain cautiously excited for his growth and change this year. This kid has got my heart...and maybe my number. 

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